Solderable Polyurethane Enamelled Copper Wire Overcoated With Polyamide
class 130,155 and 180,Solderable polyurethane enameled round copper wire
Class 200,Polyesterimide Enamelled Round Copper Wires Overcoated With Polyamideimide
Special Polyurethane Enamelled Copper Wire
Solderable Enamelled Round Copper Wire With Self-Adhesion of Alcohol-Meltine
Class 220, Polyesterimide Enamelled Round Copper Wires Overcoated With Polyamideimide
Polyurethane Litz Wire
Class 130,155 Polyester-Nature-Changed Polyurethane Enamelled Round Copper wire
Tinned Copper-clad steel Wire
Tinned Copper Wire
Polylefin Insulation PVC-Jacket Parallel Twin-Wire Copper-Clad Steel Telphone Communication Line
180 Class, Polyesterimide Enamelled Copper Wire


class 130, 155 and 180, Solderable polyurethane enameled round copper wire

Type: QA- /130
QA- /155
QA- /180 (UEW)

Properties:It is not necessary to take off the overall film while doing the soldering.The product also has the features of low tangent value under the high frequency and colorable
Application:It is suitable for the windings on the electric motor that works under the temperature of 130℃,155℃and180℃,communication sets and the instruments.
Standard:GB6109.4 IEC60317-20 Q/PPT002 JISC3202
The product was approved by the U.L. Standard.


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